Sunday, July 29, 2012

"Top 5 Ping Sites to Increase your Blogger traffic"

One of the easiest ways to increase traffic to your blogger site is to mass ping it to search engines. By pinging your site, you are inviting search engine crawlers to quickly scan your website and update it to their search engines, which will ultimately result in more traffic to your website. This is very important for newer websites, which may take a lot longer to get indexed by Google's search engine.

In this article, you'll see some of the best free pinging sites on the web that give you the opportunity to ping your site to search engines for an unlimited time.

Note: Please be aware that you only need to ping your site once every time you update it. Anymore would be unnecessary and will put a burden on those offering this free service.

1) Autopinger - This site sends a quick ping to over 30 search engines and relevant sites. It's easy to use and if you sign up, it even gives you a "ping me" button to place on your site for quicker pings.

2) Pingfarm - This site allows you to ping many URLs and RSS feeds at one go. It sends a quick ping to over 30 search engines and relevant blogs to index your webpage.

3) Pingates - This site allows your to send ping to over 45 search engines.

4) Bulkping - A quick and simple pinging site that allows your to ping your website or submit your RSS feed to over 25 search engines and large websites.

5) Pingomatic - It's a fast and easy to use ping site that regularly updates for the most relevant websites that will bring in the most traffic to your blogger site. This is by far my favorite pinging tool to use whenever I look to update my Blogger site to search engines.

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